Thursday, 18 May 2017


I know I said I was going to curate a playlist for my Calabar trip.

I did not. But only because all the forces in the world conspired against me.

My internet at home stopped working, my sound cloud was doing a madness and other stories.

Anyway so Calabar was amazingggg. ( With 4g's yes)

I was there for a friends wedding and Lordy Lord!

The Efik culture is so rich.

What I really liked about the city was just how much greenery was available.

Everywhere I turned had trees, shrubs, everything.

And it was quiet too. Minimal traffic and a sane escape from the madness that is Lagos.

Lots of wavyness and gentle gra-gra went down and I can not wait to return and do more touristy things.

Excuse I told at work: I had to go see a doctor.
Vacation days used: None

Monday, 24 April 2017

I'm going going, back back to Cali cali

But really Calabar.

Not like California, or at least nor yet.

And I am so excited!!

 I have grand plans to  travel Nigeria in huge amounts so imagine my excitement when the

opportunity came up to go!


I leave during the week and return over the weekend in time for the public holiday (May1) shenanigans in Lagos and I can not wait.

Tomorrow I will be sharing my Calabar playlist ( Yes that is a thing!) and my packing list.

If there is anything you think I need to see as a first timer in that city please comment and let me

know or email me (contact button is on the right).

Thank you and more life  travel plans.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Hola, Ciao bella!

So I have been dilly dally-ing about setting up one of these for AGES!

And after thoroughly googling the process and a bit of touch and go I'm finally here (and hopefully so are you!)

So Welcome!!

As my profile says I'm a Nigerian who is obsessed with travelling.


Can not wait to travel the world but with my limited vacation days and my non existent life sponsor,

I'm going to have to make do with 3 or 4 or maybe 5 if you are generous (lol jk), vacations a year.

What would I write about?

Honestly everything travel related for me.

Travel music play list

Travel reading (because Instagram must get multiple posts of those reading and drinking bikini clad photos)

Travel budgeting ( will really be exposing how I can pull off my champagne travel life on zobo budget)

Packing lists ( I make lists for everything)

Photos of sites I like and find exciting.

Art/Fridge magnets/ post cards from anywhere

Travel bucket lists

and most importantly the lies I would be telling my employers to get more days off work ways to get the most out of limited vacation days.

So put your seat backs in an upright position and lets take off!